I recognize the growing opportunity linked to digital tools to create generative scholarship projects (GSP)ā€” GSP place the students at the center of ongoing, evolving projects that employs digital tools and environments to explore the community. This practice was defined by Dr. Edward Ayers, President Emeritus and Tucker-Boatwright Professor of the Humanities at University of Richmond. Ayers described generative scholarship as digital practice that builds ongoing, ever-growing digital environments even as it is used. Designed with traditional disciplinary questions in mind, these efforts offer students the chance to absorb established scholarly interpretations and invites engagement from the community.  Working in successive generations, my projects explore and engage with the aim of making a positive impact.



Generative Digital Projects

Critical Fanscape

Critical Fanscape is an ongoing critical making project conducted in my classes at Michigan State University (MSU). This project is focused on publications about comics and related culture found in the MSU Library Comic Art Collection.

Advocate Recovered

Advocate Recovered is a digital recovery project designed to bring the contents of the Winter Park Advocate, an African-American newspaper published in Winter Park, Florida back to public view.  

Hannibal Square Reporter: A Historical Simulation

Hannibal Square Reporter (HSR) is an experiential learning project designed to increase user understanding of sociopolitical landscape that led to the detachment of the Hannibal Square, the historic African-American district, from the political boundaries of Winter Park in the 1890s. 

Mobile Academic Research Application (MARA)

MARA (Mobile Academic Research Application) is a mobile application developed to allows users to store media along with relevant metadata taken at the time of capture on a mobile device.

ThirdSight History

ThirdSight History is a interdisciplinary projects uses photography, maps, and archival sources to explore social, political, and economic issues linking local spaces to global issues.


Trinity is digital project that using archival sources to create interactive maps to explore historical questions. 

Project Mosaic: Zora Neale Hurston / Migration / Witness / Legacies

Mosaic is a collaborative curricular project developed for the Africa and African-American Studies Program at Rollins College.

Project Insight:  Introduction / Sample 1 / Sample 2 / Sample 3

Winter Park Fire Rescue Digital History

Winter Park Fire Rescue Digital History project grew out of a series of community based research project examining the Fire Department in Winter Park, Florida.

Golden Personalities: Notable People of Rollins and Winter Park

Golden Personalities uses archival sources to create an online database of historical figures connected to Rollins College and Winter Park.


Digital Literacy and Collaborative Learning Workshop

The DLCL workshop was funded by a grant from the Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) as part of the ACS/R1 grants.  I designed a two-day workshop (in conjunction with Dr. Scot French)  to develop a cross-institutional framework for promoting broadly collaborative, community-based undergraduate and graduate student research employing the tools and methods linked to digital humanities. The goal of this workshop was to expand faculty dialogues and initiatives at each institution connected to community engagement and digital humanities.