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Our rejection of historical truth is at the core of contemporary trauma.
— Julian Chambliss

Comics, race, and cities define the dynamic public scholarship that defines Julian Chambliss in and out of the classroom.  Whether individual obstacles or organizational challenges Julian Chambliss’ work explores the past ideas and actions that shape our contemporary world.

Keynote Client types: Business & Business Leader, Community Groups, Schools, Fortune 500, Non-profit organizations

Audience: 50-3,000

Fee: 1500-7,500

Location: Orlando / Atlanta / Chicago / Birmingham / Denver / Los Angeles / Dallas

My talks spotlight the interdisciplinary work conducted in and out of the classroom and my speaker fees support further innovation and exploration linked the community, identity, and power in the United States.

Julian C. Chambliss, Ph.D. is Professor of United States History at Rollins College. He is an award winning teacher and scholar who has lectured and presented his work to domestic and international audiences. His writing is widely published in scholarly venues and his commentary on cultural history can be found in such media outlets as the Los Angeles Times, National Public RadioThe Christian Science Monitor, Orlando Sentinel and CBS News Radio. His book on superheroes in U.S. culture, Ages of Heroes, Eras of Men was published in 2013. 


Superheroes & the U.S. Experience - A presentation for TEDxOrlando.

The Getaway  - "In a Mirror Darkly: The Black Superhero and the Struggle for Justice in Marvel Comics, 1970-1985" In 1968 Larry Neal proclaimed the Black Arts Movement the "aesthetic and spiritual sister to the Black Power concept. As such, it envisions an art that speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of Black America."