Beyond Impossible

A interview project focus on talking with creators from diverse backgrounds. When person of color imagine in the public sphere it become a sociopolitical act that challenges the conception of what is possible. 

Black Masculinity in Comic Books: An Interview with Jonathan Gayles for the African American Intellectual History Society Black Perspective Blog

Dawud Anyabwile is the artist and co-creator of Brotherman Comics. In this interview Dawud talks with me about the origins of Brotherman, the early Hip Hop influences and how the visual narrative of this seminal comic evolved.

Brandon Easton is writer of comics, television, and animation. In this interview he discusses his journey to become a professional writer, the challenge represented by being a creative professional from a diverse background.

John Jennings is the artist and scholar shaping the modern narrative about Afrofuturism. In this interview he talks with me about his comic work, his vision to support new artists and his great new adaptation of the Octavia Butler's Kindred.

Ganzeer is the pseudonym an Egyptian artist who gained fame with his politically theme art during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. In this interview we discuss his take on politics, art, and culture. His new comic project, The Solar Gird blends classic dystopian comics themes with contemporary environmental concerns to create something worth your time. 

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