Reframing History Bonus Episode

Reframing History started out as kind of digital documentation and evolved into an ongoing digital conversation. Season 1 was defined by the local history project. When I started this project, I did not know I would be working in Michigan the next academic year. I was envisioning a Digital History class that would have a podcast at it core and I wanted to test the Anchor app to make it. The process continues!


I had a really productive time at HASTAC 2019. Lots to consider in terms of research and teaching in the digital mode. I’m going to put these ideas to work in class next year.

The Future of the MCU

Tessa Thompson has been championing greater diversity in the MCU. It will be interesting to see how the MCU’s future, which will be more diverse, will achieve the kind of representation that advocates want. My thinking is the answer is no. It cannot, the MCU is designed to balance fan and non-fan understanding. Yet, the strength of the brand means they can provide greater diversity. Captain Marvel is a clear example of this reality. It is not the best superhero film, it is good, but its connection to the MCU was crucial wedge for success. We live in a media franchise age.