Reframing History Bonus Episode

Reframing History started out as kind of digital documentation and evolved into an ongoing digital conversation. Season 1 was defined by the local history project. When I started this project, I did not know I would be working in Michigan the next academic year. I was envisioning a Digital History class that would have a podcast at it core and I wanted to test the Anchor app to make it. The process continues!

Every Tongue Got to Confess

The 2019 Zora Neale Hurston Festival for the Arts and Humanities is rapidly approaching. As is the tradition for this event, the podcast project, Every Tongue Got to Confess is available. Every season of ETGTC is recorded at the Zora Festival. The last two years, those interviews have been conducted by Holly Baker, podcast producer for UCF Department of History (with some assistance from me). The host has been Robert Cassanello, but I agreed to take on the hosting duties for this year as Robert shifted to other projects. Of course, this all became more complicate when I accepted a position at Michigan State University. We crafted a special episode just about me, to give people some background on the changes.