Image Comics and Creator's Rights

I think the story of Image Comic is always mentioned in the context of the fantastic fanfare (and failure) linked to the emergence of the company in the early 1990s. I think we can't overestimate that moment. As this documentary hints at, the celebrity moment that was the emergence of Image Comic was also about a speculative bubble that defined the 1990s. While the creators that made the Golden Age (1938-1950) were unknown, the artists of the 1990s were stars. Oddly, the writers from this period were not as well known. It was a visual revolution at some level. Still, I think the idea of creators rights at the heart of the Image Comic remains an important part of the story.  As you learn here, the legacy of the fortune loss shaped those creators in the 1990s.  Check this short documentary out and read my interview with Chris Roberson  to find out more about the debate about creator's rights in comics.