Building Out A Universe of Ideas

I'm pushing to do edits on not one, but two new books I co-edited. There is a wider logic in presenting a universe of ideas in both of these projects, but as plain old academic objects, they are looking pretty good. I've been striving toward synergy in by exploration of real and imaginary landscapes for years. I say it, but ultimately it about creating projects like that help people understand what I mean. More is coming, but I'm taking a couple of minutes to say...see here they are!

Cities Imagined.jpg
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Beyond Impossible: Brotherman

I've moved by Beyond Impossible interview into the world of SFP-NOW podcast. Beyond Impossible is my ongoing exploration of the work coming from creators of color.  I was lucky enough to talk with Dawud Anyabwile, the co-creator and artist for Brotherman for this edition.  In this interview we explore the urban aesthetic at the heart of this classic independent comic.  SFP-Now has a lot of content, my Beyond Impossible segment starts at the 46.00 min mark.

In the real and imagined


Grading always prompts reflection about the semester. What went well, what could have been better. Looking at the 'Creating the Comic Book City' course, I can see it evolved in good ways in this second go around. This course is my contribution to Rollins Foundation in Liberal Arts curriculum or rFLA. You can see learning outcomes intersected with ideas I was  thinking about in the course assignments. This semester, my Creator Profile assignment provided a creative way for knowledge acquired during the semester to inform a critical making assignment.


Students were asked to identify a legacy creator (1938-1990), gender minority creator, racial minority creator, and a contemporary creator (1990-present). Clearly I had multiple goals with this assignment. Inclusiveness was one goal and that goal is clear in the final product. Other goals related to exploring the experience of being a creator are harder to see. Reflecting on it, I can do more to inform the design process to make sure that is clear.

Creator Profile Assignment

Creator Profile Assignment