Christopher Priest is perhaps the most important comic book writer in the history of Black Panther after Jack Kirby. I say perhaps because it is not fair to ignore Don McGregor when talking about Black Panther in any circumstances. By his own admission, Priest built on the great premises created by McGregor. Still, as much as we laud him, he left comics for a time because he was dissatisfied with the racism in the industry. It is great to see his work recognized and him writing new comics. It does leap out at me that he is writing for DC at a moment when the character he help define has reached a cultural benchmark.  #Interesting.

Do Comics Matter?

The classic question on comics and culture is "Do they matter?"  The answer is yes, and thankfully, newspaper clips like this one help to make the case for me.  I'm looking at Marvel in context of Black Panther depiction of African concerns in America, and this helps to make that case. The mention of a letter from a black reader is helpful.