Rethinking the City: Commuting in Orlando

I'm hoping that you know I'm one of the organizers of Rethinking the City. RTC is dedicated to building a dialogue within our community and with changemakers around the country about the forces that shape cities and how we can participate in positive change in our own city through arts, engagement, service, and enterprise.  RTC highlight the interdisciplinary approach I take toward trying to understand the urban experience. Whether field studies designed to uncover historical narrative or digital project showcasing community voices my aims is to explore the factor shaping the urban experience.  I think of RTC as one a cadre of hybrid project inspired by critical making ideology I use in the classroom. This methodology holds that creating interdisciplinary project that highlight the complexity of urban life create a deeper mode of engagement and understanding. I press students to carry out this ideology in class and I test ideas and explore future spaces of inquiry using the same tools. There is a method to my madness:-)  As RTC has progressed, I've attempted to follow-up with former presenters. This Google Hangout allowed me to reconnect with the folks at reThinkYourCommute. reThink is a program from the Florida Department of Transportation that supports commuters looking for alternative to driving.