Black Panther

I presented on Marvel Comic's Black Panther as part of the 10th Comics and Popular Art Conference at Dragon-Con in Atlanta on September 1st. I've never attended CPAC, but like the Comics Arts Conference (CAC) at San Diego Comic-Con, the competition to get into the CPAC is extremely fierce. I'm lucky I teamed up with Phillip Lamarr Cunningham ( Quinnipiac University) Gabriel Cruz (Bowling Green University) for this panel on race and representation in Marvel Comics. I've written about the Black Panther before, but his analysis is specifically about the new series written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Of course, I think there s synergy between Coates' essays for The Atlantic and his run on Black Panther. I think I managed to make some great points. Now, I need to find the time to move these ideas forward.