Mapping Rosenwald

During Spring 2016 semester undergraduate students in my African-American History Since 1877 course worked with the Fisk University database for Julius Rosenwald Fund. Rosenwald funded countless school across the south and this critical making project allowed us to explore the intersection of African-American and education history in Florida. Each student worked to create a short narrative for about 10 to 15 schools. Part of that work was to identify the location of the schools in the database. In pursuing this goal students were able to learn more about obstacles facing African Americans around education, how Florida's experience could be contextualized in the post-Reconstruction South and some effects of the Rosenwald schools on the black communities in the state.  Working with google fusion tables instead of My Maps allowed for us to focus on collecting information. This was no easy task and part of the struggle for the students was uncertainty linked to this kind of historical research. I set parameters for their work, but part of my logic was to pursue a sandbox approach. My goal is to return to the map and refine the archival sources used and enhance the narratives linked to community and locations. This was a community engagement course, so the project learning outcome goals was focused on critical thinking, knowledge integration and civic engagement.